paige. 20. philadelphia, pennsylvania. i have 5 rats, 2 cats, a guinea pig, and a dog. art blog: paiges-simpletasks

i love canines more than people

sarcastic. shy. stubborn. lazy. artist. dreamer. taken by the most wonderful girl in the entire world. ♥

fandoms you'll find here:
Law and Order: SVU. House. In Plain Sight. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Scrubs. True Blood. Torchwood. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avatar: Legend of Korra. The Hunger Games. Harry Potter. X-files. American Horror Story: Coven. Welcome to Night Vale. Orange is the New Black.

other things you'll find: Lots of art. Johnny Depp. Batman & The Joker & Catwoman, etc. Broadway - Next to Normal, RENT, Wicked, In the Heights, etc. Coffee. Smoke. Cigarettes. Weed. Chocolate. Skulls + other anatomy. Colors. Landscapes. Kitchen Nightmares/Gordon Ramsey.

warning: i occasionally reblog porn. mostly lesbian porn. also this is not a spoiler free blog.

Sophie wants to play! #rats #fancyrat #pets #smallanimals

Sophie wants to play! #rats #fancyrat #pets #smallanimals

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